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How to Bet on Sports Online Legally

If you want to bet on sports online, you need to make sure you do so in a legal way. Legal sportsbooks are safe, and the money you put in is safe too. It is a different story with the illegal black market and offshore sites. In order to make sure that you are playing at a legal sportsbook, you need to know how to spot them.

First, you must know the rules of your state. Most states have different rules when it comes to sports betting, but some states have made online sports betting legal. For instance, in New Hampshire, sports betting is a state-run endeavor. The state ran an open bidding process and DraftKings was the only online sportsbook approved by the state.

Other states are looking into this issue. Some of them are following the lead of the New England states and have passed legislation allowing sports betting. Other states have similar legislation, including Wyoming and Nebraska. Meanwhile, other states, including California, South Carolina, Illinois, Louisiana, Minnesota, and Iowa, are exploring whether or not to allow sports betting.

When looking for an online sportsbook, make sure that they offer a full range of betting options. There are standard bet types like sides and totals, but you can also place prop bets and futures. You can also place bets on future events, such as the NFL Super Bowl or the NBA Finals. However, the teams you bet on must either make it through the playoffs or win the final game.


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