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There is no doubt that Pac-12 sports are among the best in the country. But the PAC-12 is not immune from criticism. Some journalists have been voicing their displeasure over the media’s handling of the conference. And that criticism has been rebuffed, with veteran Pac12 reporters taking a pro-voice to defend Pac-12 administrators and debunk pro-Big 12 shots against the conference newstodaysworld24.com.

The conference has been dealing with a number of issues recently, including realignment and the Alston Supreme Court decision. There are also issues of gender equity, the transfer portal, physical and mental health, and inclusion. According to Phillips, the collegiate model is essential to keep college sports affordable and accessible for young people newstodaysworld.com.

There is some speculation that the conference and the Big Ten are considering merging. This is due to the recent announcement that ESPN has pulled out of talks with the Big Ten over media rights. The network wants more content in later Saturday slots, including Pac-12 after dark. In addition, the Pac-12 is looking to increase its negotiating leverage with the Big Ten starsworldnews.com.

In other pac-12 news, the Big Ten has been poaching Pac-12 schools, such as USC, Oregon, and UCLA. Meanwhile, the Big 12 has invited Utah, Arizona, and Arizona State to join their conference. The Texas Longhorns, on the other hand, aren’t interested in joining the Big Ten. If they do join, they’ll join the SEC techlognews.com.



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