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The NHL draft is the next step in preparing for the 2020-2021 season. In the first two rounds, the NHL draft features some intriguing picks newmags. The Toronto Maple Leafs moved their first-round pick in order to free up cap space for Petr Mrazek’s contract, but the team found talent outside of the first round in the form of Fraser Minten and Nicholas Moldenhauer. These picks are likely to be valuable additions to the Maple Leafs’ future.

While some people have questioned the value of picking players that are likely to be a better fit for a particular position f95zoneusa, the first two picks were highly regarded. St. Louis and Brown loved the pick of Viktor Neuchev, and Yahoo Sports rated both picks as A players. They both showed great speed, and Slafkovsky showed the ability to drive to the front of the net.

The Edmonton Oilers took a more balanced draft, picking multiple players with multiple skills. First-round pick Filip Mesar is a versatile offensive player with a high upside. Second-round pick Topias Leionen was an excellent goaltender  f95zone, with excellent size and lateral movement. Meanwhile, mid-round picks Vinzenz Rohrer, Adam Engstrom, and Cedrick Guindon have great potential, as well as a lot of upside.

The Washington Capitals are also in the top five for their draft class, but the draft is too complicated to grade with certainty. However, Ryan Chesley is a promising prospect for the Capitals, and he could help the team in the future. However, the fate of Ivan Miroshnichenko is unclear f95forum. He has health issues, and it remains to be seen if he can bounce back as a player.


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