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What Is Toto From Wizard of Oz?

The famous “Wizard of Oz” film features a little black ikgrand dog named Toto. The little dog ticks off the Wicked Witch of the West and is said to have uncovered the Wizard’s secret identity. Although Baum didn’t specify the breed of his dog, many scholars believe that Toto was a Yorkshire terrier.

The dog is a classic cfcnet Disney character, representing loyalty and companionship. It also represents the innocent innocence of childhood. Among the many things Toto represents, Toto is often referred to as the “loyal friend.” His presence in the story echoes many of the sentiments that children hold dear today.

Toto’s breed is unknown in Baum’s original books, but a todayposting female Cairn terrier named Terry was used in the 1939 film adaptation. Another notable fact about the dog is that it is also the hyves name of a rock band and the nickname of an Italian comic actor.

The original Toto is a female. Although referred to as a male in the film, she was actually adopted by Carl Spitz, a Hollywood dog newscircles trainer. He took her in when her owner did not return home. In addition to being a dog trainer, Spitz also trained dogs for the army in WWII.


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