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What is VN88 Bookie & Which Country Does VN88 Belong to?

Have you heard of the VN88 bookie? It’s a popular online gambling platform in Vietnam that offers an array of games and betting options. From sports betting to casino games, there’s something for everyone at VN88. But what makes it so special and where does it come from? Read on to learn more about the VN88 bookie and the country it belongs to.

What is VN88 bookie?

General information

Launched in 2019, VN88 was created with Vietnamese people in mind – a bookmaker to not just provide entertainment but also an opportunity for money-making. With thousands of players every day, the Vietnam market is nothing short of being one of the most potential markets for betting. As such, VN88 aims to meet the gaming and financial needs of gamers from Vietnam.

  • Website: www.vn88.com and https://vn88.pro/
  • Established: 2019
  • Activities: Multinational
  • Support: Hotline, Livechat, Email, 24H / 24H
  • Minimum deposit: 50,000 VND
  • Deposit Bonus: 3,000,000 VND
  • Maximum withdrawal: 3 billion days
  • Bank support: Multi-bank

Products at VN88

Online Casino of VN88

At VN88, you will be taken aback by the luxurious casino that recreates an authentic and realistic atmosphere. From Poker to Blackjack and Dragon Tiger to Baccarat, we provide today’s most trending card games for your enjoyment. Moreover, Vietnamese favorites such as Mau Binh, Tien Tien Phom, and Bau Cua Tom Ca are also included in our selection of innovative tables! Furthermore, escape into a world filled with Sic Bo Roulette along with alluring slots and lotteries where endless possibilities await.

At VN88 casino, you can choose to play at Club GPI Grand, Premier or Gold – all of which offer an array of rules and wagering levels that allow players to make the best decision based on their needs and budget. And don’t forget: with these casinos also come lucrative bonuses! So whatever your preference is when gambling online, playing in one of our 3 professionalized casinos will ensure you receive the maximum amount of rewards.

Sports betting VN88

VN88 is renowned for its competitive odds when it comes to sports betting. With daily updates of the biggest leagues in the world, such as Premier League, La Liga, and Bundesliga, along with a plethora of smaller tournaments from different countries – you can choose your ideal focus within this incredible variety! Asian and European markets ensure that you have all avenues available when indulging in an exciting bout of online betting.

If you are an avid e-Sports enthusiast, VN88 offers a wide variety of sports such as football, basketball, golf, badminton, tennis, and more. Betting fans from around the world can enjoy hours upon hours of entertainment with thousands of matches taking place every day across countries. Horse racing and car racing lovers will also find great joy in betting on their favorite competitions!

For those who are looking to bet on European sports, VN88 provides an array of virtual football, tennis, and horse racing matches with a variety of bets. With live streaming capabilities and generous odds that boast high accuracy rates, this platform is sure to offer gamblers around the world an exciting experience like no other.

Lottery at VN88

You may be questioning why VN88 has its own lottery when other major bookmakers only offer international games and rarely mention lotteries in Vietnam.

Fortunately, with the rise of VN88 comes a digital lottery channel that allows you to purchase tickets without any fear of debt or scam risks. Now, enjoy the ease and convenience that come along with buying your lucky numbers!

The most prestigious VN88 bookie today

VN88 is widely considered one of the most esteemed online bookmakers in existence today, namely due to its impressive 90% win rate. This stands in stark contrast to other gambling bookies where you may only have a 30-50% chance of winning. As an added bonus, your winnings are dispensed within just 3-5 minutes – even if they’re in excess of several hundred million! With such fast payouts and high odds of success, why wouldn’t you choose VN88?

VN88’s support

VN88 stands out among the others due to its superior customer service and support. Their team is available 24/7, meaning inquiries or issues can be addressed quickly at any time of day.

Furthermore, they have an excellent staff that is highly trained in both communication abilities as well as technical proficiency. Customers will notice their enthusiasm and dynamism right away; most problems are solved within a single day!

VN88 contact information

  • Hotline 1: (+44) 151 9470363
  • Hotline 2: (+84) 369241766
  • VIP Hotline: (+84) 369241766
  • Zalo: (+84) 705908837
  • Viber: (+84) 705908837
  • Whatsapp: (+84) 705908837
  • Line: (+84) 705908837
  • Wechat: (+84) 705908837
  • Email: [email protected]
  • VIP Email: [email protected]
  • LiveChat ( 24/7 ): https://bit.ly/Live

Which country does VN88 belong to?

As evidenced by the facts provided, VN88 has been designed to cater specifically to Vietnamese gamers and locals despite not being able to be made available in Vietnam due to legal regulations. Although international operations are still active, VN88 primarily focuses on providing services for its local community.

Boasting an interface and language that is distinctly Vietnamese, players can easily appreciate VN88’s incorporation of the colors yellow and red in homage to their country’s flag. This representation makes for a very powerful impact on users.

Licensed by the Philippine government, all transactions of VN88 are transparent and clear. The support and customer care department is also Vietnamese staff, so players will certainly not have to worry about losing money when having problems. Customers of VN88 can contact the bookie at any time through the contact channels above.


VN88 has proudly established itself as the go-to hub for Vietnamese players, always aiming to meet their needs and protect their rights. Their outstanding services have already made them a significant player in the Vietnamese betting market, delivering an experience of trustworthiness that stands out from other establishments. With these accomplishments behind them, VN88 continues to strive for excellence so they can be sure each customer is delighted with every transaction!


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